Sunday, September 13, 2009

House Update

So this weekend was about two things:

Awesome bbq with the former coffee lady from work.  She and her husband hosted us, and a few ex-colleagues at their house.  Went and had lots of fun, good food, and good time catching up.

We also went to the Seattle Tilth Festival.  This is all about organic gardening and planting.  A lot of fun for the kids (three herb crowns please!) and a lot of organic farmers and information.  Maria went mostly for the composting information, although there was only a little bit of that.   The parade of kids throughout the festival was fun, and Cathy enjoyed the people dressed as carrots.  Oh and the Mighty-O donuts were a big hit, of course.

The second thing this weekend was about was getting the temporary (ok one year for it to be up is temporary) storage shed.  Of course, all we really got done was the digging up of the ground to level it out for the floor, but that’s a good start.  I have to get it done by next week or I’m in hurtsville :).

Ok, a picture of the house to go with all this fun stuff:

Samsung 066

And here’s the new flooring we had installed.  Much better than the carpeting:

Samsung 100

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer Cold

Four out of the five of us have a summer cold. Two of three kids are energetic in spite of the runny noses and coughs. They are at the table here with me having cheerios and chips and salsa. ( This is the food I had the energy to 'prepare'.) Our Cathy went back to bed after breakfast and is sleeping still.

We had a great time in Idaho this past weekend (before the cold set in) and the trip was well worth sitting in stopped traffic that was miles long on the way back.

Big thanks to my patient husband for the trip and thanks to God for the safe and mostly pleasant travel and visit with my family in Idaho.

It is aunt Gloria's birthday today. This picture is for her and is related to her surprise....

The Family Blog

Here we go, a place to show off the family, our new house, our new lives.  Hope you enjoy.